Miraculous Healings

Former Marine Healing at Almine's Pod

Grandson’s Eye Injury Healed

One evening in October 2008, my 22-year-old grandson was grinding a part needed to repair his car. He was not wearing safety glasses and two small pieces of metal flew into his eye, lodging near his retina. After trying unsuccessfully to remove them himself, he told me what had happened and asked me to pull out the fragments with tweezers. As soon as I saw his eye, I insisted he go to the Emergency Room at the hospital. We arrived about one o’clock in the morning and after a preliminary examination written up for the doctor, were told to join the 15 or 20 people waiting to see the one doctor on duty. Stefan lay down on some empty chairs and I began reading some of Almine’s Diary that I had printed out earlier. Stefan kept asking me to check whether the metal pieces were still in his eye and after several instances of this, it occurred to me that using Belvaspata might help him. Unfortunately, I did not have any of the material with me nor do I know the sigils by heart. Nevertheless, I decided to try and at least ease his discomfort.

Placing my hands on his back over his heart area, I set my intent on minimizing the damage and preserving his sight. I called in all the Belvaspata angels as well as the Mother and Father to help. I kept repeating ‘Praise, Love, Gratitude and Adoration” over and over. Stefan asked twice again that I check to see if the metal was still in his eye, which it was. When he asked a third time and I looked, they were gone. He leapt to his feet and went to the restroom mirror to see for himself. He returned holding two tiny pieces of metal that he said he found in the corner of his eye. When the doctor was finally able to see Stefan, he was incredulous. There was absolutely no damage to the eye – not a scratch, just the redness caused by Stefan’s attempt to remove the foreign objects. The doctor said he had never seen anything like this in his years of practice. The preliminary examination notes showed the metal fragments firmly embedded and he could not understand how they could have spontaneously been ejected. As Stefan and I went home, I realized there were two clear lessons in this incident. For Stefan, it was clear he needed to always use basic physical protections. For me, the lesson was that I must not place limitations on the power of the gift of Belvaspata Healing.



After seeing Almine speak in front of a large crowd, I've been struck by her compassion and wisdom that flowed from her words. I felt I found a new home. I had been completely unable to smell since birth due to forceps trauma to my head at delivery. Therefore, Almine performed a healing on me and instantly, as one of the sisters hugged me, I could smell her fragrance.

I was so overcome I started to cry. The other participants had a great time having me smell various things. It was a new and exciting experience for me! I had many intense headaches over my life, and when I asked Almine about this, she had said there was an entity that had attached itself to the area around my head. As we returned from the scenic area where we had done our work for the day in the Volkswagen van, the sisters worked for several hours with me on the floor of the van.

Almine seemed to be unaware of the agonizing struggles of us having to get rid of the painful, dense feeling in my head. When it felt as though the struggle was getting too much for me, we entered the city. I saw her hand raise up from behind the back seat where she was curled up sleeping in the luggage compartment. As her hand rose, instantaneously, the great pain and pressure left my head, and I felt a wave of relief later pass through my body. Those who were working on me saw the release of a dark gray energy at that moment.

Afterwards, she blessed me that I would be able to film inter-dimensionally. Since then, many strange and beautiful lights have shown themselves on the photos and films I have taken. It is a wonderful blessing to me!

Film-maker, Ottawa, Canada

Footsteps in the Snow

In my locksmith business I work with heavy safes, moving them in and out of buildings. One cold winter day, my assistant and I were trying to place an exceptionally heavy safe. As we maneuvered it, it tilted backwards and crushed my wrist against a wall. I knew by the ‘snap’ and excruciating pain flooding my body that it was broken. X-rays in a hospital emergency room confirmed that the bones had been completely fractured horizontally. Supplied with pain pills and scheduled to see a surgeon the following morning, I was sent home.

That night as my wife and I lay in bed, I woke to see Almine standing in front of us. I asked my wife if she could see her, too, and she could. Almine walked to the side of the bed where my injured arm lay and breathed directly on it. She then smiled, turned abruptly and left through the wall of the bedroom. A heavy snow fell that night and the next morning my wife looked out the window and called excitedly to me. On the snow outside our bedroom window footsteps extended across the snow-covered lawn and disappeared.

Later, in the surgeon’s office another set of x-rays was taken. He was in disbelief as he compared them to the ones taken the day before. The broken bones were completely healed.

Locksmith, London, Ontario

Healing Powers

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